24 hours is too less!

Believe in yourself and strive to be a better person with every new day

“Time flies in no time.” Do you also feel this?

You are at the right place then - at least you want to make change.

Well I have heard so many people complaining that the day gets over so soon that they fail to realize it’s a month already until their salary is credited! And then the guilt of not doing enough overtakes the peace of mind.

I sincerely believe that life's too short to waste and regret. If you can do something constructive, do it. This idea might not be appreciated by all, for “life is a long holiday” for some. And that’s alright, because each of us are different and different beliefs and different approaches towards life.

For me even after rigorous work, three assignments at a time and a tight daily schedule, I still make sure that I have sufficient personal space, time and whatever routine I follow is sustainable. Although, at times, I struggle to allocate time for the new tasks that are yet to be taken up, it’s alright because I am aware that once the ongoing projects are successfully completed, I’ll have enough room for the new ones.

For those who can relate, I am sharing the ways in which I try to make the most of my days, including weekends. Let’s check it out:

  1. It’s never too late. Believe it and you’ll see the difference.

  2. Plan your day the previous night

  3. Keep a calendar that tracks your record - of the upcoming events. This will include the holidays planned, the upcoming extended weekends, when your friends are coming over, or if you are going to a friend’s place, luncheons planned, dinner dates, visit to the doctor, days allocated to rigorous decluttering.

  4. Ask yourself, how do want to evolve over time. Identify and decide on the number of days/months required for it. Start working towards it.

  5. Discipline - It comes free and is a major contributor in shaping our lives exactly the way we’d visualized.

  6. Well, we don’t have to be too harsh on ourselves - it’s a highly unsustainable model.

  7. If you like to read/write, plan your day in a way that you have at-least half an hour window for it, everyday. In this way, you’ll feel that you are making a difference.

  8. If you are working, try to maintain a balance in your professional and personal life, so that after work, you can go for a play/concert/sports event or anything which falls in the list of your taste. (I’ll soon be writing about how to maintain a balance in your personal and professional lives).

  9. Try de-cluttering your home and office as much as possible. This involves decluttering and deep cleaning for a day or two and subsequent attention. But trust me, if the surroundings are clean and it has place for you to breathe freely, your thoughts tend to be much more sorted.

  10. One of the major reasons which triggers the feeling of not doing anything is that we have already procrastinated so much by now, that we don’t know where to start from. But this does not mean that we can’t do it now. Take some time out. Sit down at a quiet place and make a list of all that you have to do. Give yourself a day or two, or the time required, and strike off the tasks as soon as it is completed. This is a very simple yet extremely effective way of sorting.

  11. Organize your weekends. Rather than sleeping all day, you can divide it in parts, do somethings constructive, invest in yourself, pamper yourself if required, plan a trip, work on the pending tasks - the feeling that you did not waste your time is way more satisfying that you slept sufficiently.

Most importantly, believe in yourself and strive to be a better person with every new day! You can develop any habit that you want to. All it takes is discipline and intention.

I hope this post was helpful. You may drop your comments here, or write to me at “poulibybhamini@gmail.com".

I will soon be writing about professional hygiene and how to maintain a balance in your life.

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