Corporate Pride

“Pride” is a word that comes with many emotions, meanings, and connotations. It’s fluid and open to interpretation. It’s beautiful and brings a sense of boldness and firm stand.

What do you think about Corporate Pride though?

I had been meaning to write this blog for quite some time now and it is not intended to be preachy. It is an experience that is channelized in awareness and suggestion.

We hear that after section 377 was decriminalized, many corporate bodies came forward stating their intent to understand the same, aware its employees, make it LGBTQIA+ friendly, and in the due course, many also started covering it as a part of their CSR activities.

Now, the point is why should corporates, small organizations, small businesses, and educational institutions talk about it?

It is simple. They should, because the environment where one spends the majority of their time needs to be conducive, sensitive, and friendly enough to support their mental and physical wellbeing. Also, some of the employees might be from within the community, or an ally to the community, their dependants or family members might be from within the community, or an ally to the community, or in general because all corporates, organizations, and institutions are a part of the society we all live in.

How should corporates, small organizations, small businesses, and educational institutions support it?

With a clear intent of supporting the community, the process of approaching, and connecting with the concerned spokespersons working on inclusivity, should be made easy and smooth.

There are a lot of ways in which this support can be extended.

  • Awareness within the organization

  • Regular workshops and sessions within the company/institution/organization, in collaboration with the organization that works towards LGBTQIA+. The collaborations are necessary to make sure that the right information and the right conduct are conveyed by the experts.

  • A healthy and “humane” environment is a must.

  • There is nothing more painful and emotionally draining for a social animal than alienation by its people. Addressing this point makes it comfortable and emotionally strengthening for those not only from within the community but also for those who support the community.

  • Active redressal forums within the organization/institution.

  • When a lending hand is brought forth by any organization to the NPOs or NGOs working in the field of LGBTQIA+ awareness, normalization, and upliftment, it makes them hopeful and optimistic when it comes to fundraising for any event/carnival or project. A trustful and respectful long-term collaboration is a healthy way to the future of these collaborations.

  • Projects, that aim at job recruitment, training, honing technical as well as soft skills, for those within the community are a great way to start the support and build trust.

  • The institutions and organizations lose on potential talent and promising results when they shut the doors of entry or make it difficult for a continuance for those from within the community. At the same time, with so much already on the plate to deal with, these folks have to deal with the loss of opportunity and are forced into financial, moral, and social distress.

Society is what we make of it. It is made of people like you and me, of beliefs that you and I hold, or responsibilities that you and I share, of trust that you and I pledge not to breach. One step in the productive direction will reap its results in such a fascinating way that you and I can and the generations to come will live in dignity and mutual respect.

This blog is based on my personal experience while working on a queer carnival in association with Mobbera Foundation. The carnival was organized by Mobbera Foundation in association with Telangana Hijra Transgender Samiti in February 2021, where we felicitated more than 15 warriors (Organizations and Individuals) for their services during the Pandemic, and we also tried to promote and support small business who has put up their pop-up shops in the carnival.


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