Colors and their interaction with our psyche

A lot of times, we exhibit a strong influence of our inherent nature, beliefs and ideology via the colors that we subconsciously choose. These color choices might be showcased via activities as minuscule as the choice of colors of our walls, bed-sheets, handbag, formal shirt, paintings, our favorite diary and so on.

While growing up, a lot of us have also experienced a change in our color preferences. Some of us shifted from red to blue, from blue to black, and from green to blue.

Generally it's a subconscious action to pick your favorite, or not to pick any.

Here is a small description of the significance of some of the most common colors around us:

White - Often called as the color of perfection, this color is a perfect balance of all colors within itself. It is the most complete color and is associated with balance, wholeness, perfection and purity.

Black - The absence of any color is black, and hence its majorly is associated with mystery. However, this color can have both positive and negative implication. It denotes a lot of behavioral traits like sophistication, sexiness, secrecy and power. 

Red - Red is a strong color generally associated with passion and energy. It is a color of lust and sensuality. However, given its warm nature it can also be an indication of anger and subsequent lack of expression. 

Blue - The most universal color, blue is interesting in its own unique way. It has versatile nature, from calmness to creativity, from serenity to vastness, and that it accommodates the nature of a lot many of us on earth. I believe now you know why is it the most liked color around.

Green - The color of fertility, nature, life, renewal. The people with green as their favorite color are generally down to earth and have a tendency to keep balance. However, traditionally this color was also associated with greed and money. 

Yellow - This brightest color means enthusiasm, youthfulness, joy, and the center of attraction. 

Purple - A unique color which is often associated with spirituality, royalty, luxury, pride and womanhood, all at the same time. Well it is also the official color of "International Women's Day". Interesting?

The other colors are a combination of the primary colors and hence show the traits of the merging colors put together.

This might be an explanation to our shift of preference from one to another shade, and can also help us identify a hidden desire.

Do let me know what's your favorite color and how relevant is the explanation now to you!


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