How do I develop the habit of reading?

Relate to it? Well ,most of us do. Don’t we?

Reading is a habit, and for something to be a habit, it requires the basic formula of consistency.

Here are the 10 easy ways by which you can successfully start or restart reading as an effortless conduct in your everyday life:-

  1. Start with short stories or short books. It is always a good idea to start small, so that it keeps you engaged enough and each story/book completion brings with it the sense of accomplishment.

  2. Always keep one of your reads handy. This allows you to read at odd times, like waiting outside your home for the cab to arrive.

  3. Set goals and challenges.Trust me this works! Every year I set a challenge for myself on Goodreads - and in the due course, even if you don’t complete the challenge, you still end up reading a handful from the list.

  4. When you’ve a book, do not rush at finishing it at the earliest. This is a big mistake that we often do, because, at the hindsight you know it hinders your everyday routine. The idea is to read consistently and not finishing a marathon.

  5. You do not need to finish a book if you don’t love it, just because you’ve started it, doesn’t mean it needs to be finished off. You don’t like it, don’t read it.

  6. Try grabbing some graphic novels. They are informative, engaging and less time taking. Here is the link to the latest one that I read -

  7. Talk to your buddies about the books that you’re looking forward to read and what’s on their list. It opens a room for discussion, leading to your desire of reading more. It is a basic psychology oriented trick. Give it a try!

  8. A lot of times, we listen to music with the earphones plugged. You can also listen to audiobooks in the same duration. I am not asking you to give up on leisure, but channelize your energy into something more productive, provided there is a scope for it.

  9. Take out time to visit book fairs. They are fun and have a vast collection from different genres. You might be able to explore your inclination better.

  10. Know that reading is a good habit and it is any-day better than beer in the afternoon or an idiot box in front!

I hope this was helpful. If yes, do let me know which books are you now planning to read. I may be able to help you select a few!

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Happy Reading!


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