What helps you vent out?

I was 14, when I first started showing the early signs of depression. I remember that in my first session with the psychologist, I was asked if there was anything bothering me and I said I was angry. I was angry for probably no reason. I did not know if I wanted to shout or just cry out aloud. All I knew was that I was angry and this led me to my blank sheets on which I would just doodle and would do fine. Each time I would be low, I would take a piece of sheet and write something or draw something. However, this pattern wasn't evident to me until the time my mom gave me a blank canvas and some paints and brush and asked me to paint whatever came to my mind.

From that day, there was no looking back. We all need that medium to vent out. For some it is playing a football match, while for others it is the comfort in the arms of someone. Like any other health concern, mental health is also a very important factor contributing to our overall well-being.

For me Art worked as a therapy. I would love to know what's yours.


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