What made you like the last book you read?

Our subconscious mind is tricky. Agreed? The last book I read, left an impact. The impact however, was that I was confused as to what made me like it. The content was good, but a general fact. It was my first book by this author, so no question of being biased. An autobiography majorly, so of course, there was a a new perspective, but as my friend said, you don't need to read 400 pages to get someone's perspective. Just for a minute, put yourself in their shoes and the task is fairly done. So what exactly made me like it?

I had related the dramatic personae with my personal life. Two sisters, the elder one was quite disciplined, highly talented and everyone's favorite and on the contrary, the younger one being a rebel.

There can be so many factors passively participating in all our decisions, including the books we read, and ones we like. Listing down some of the reasons that make us want to read a book or like a book:

1. Enriching content - Sapiens: A brief history of Humankind

2. A new perspective - Life of Pi

3. Nostalgia - Asura by Anand Neelkanthan

4. Personal Bias - The Battle Hymn of Tiger Mother

5. Admiration for the author - Saat Sau Bees Kadam by Amrita Pritam

6. Need for an emotional support - Tuesdays with Morrie; Other Self Help Books

7. Curiosity - The God Conspiracy

There can be so many other reasons other than the ones listed here.

Do let me know what was your reason.


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