When Passion becomes Profession..

"Grass is greener on the other side", is a common phrase, isn't is? A lot of times we hear people saying that they love how things are at your end, or how they wish they could be in your place, or how they wish to give up the desk job and do something interesting in life.

I gave it a lot of thought on why does that happen. While there can be dozens of reasons on why the young generation is opting to look for avenues where they are their own bosses, it is worth a thought that no matter what, there will always be trouble and hustle and hard work, despite the stream one chooses.

I thought of writing on this subject because a lot of you asked me how it is like when passion turns into a full time profession. And I kid you not, before jumping into the land of unknown, a dive into what life tastes in such a scenario is recommended.

We hear a lot of success stories, and life changing stories and motivational stories on how people gave up on their desk-jobs to pursue what they always loved to do. This can range from classical dance, coach, sports, arts, coding, agriculture,writing and so on. What you don't hear is before making a name in their field, or even before becoming financial stable there possibly can be a series of failures, emotional turmoil, instability in terms of financial, mental and physical well-being. Some are skilled enough to avoid these issues but that's usually a very small number.

There will always be risk, and an unconditional hard-work demanded. The point is - what is your definition of happiness at this point in time, and trust me that we always have an option to switch. Does financial stability and uncertainty that on every 1st of the month salary gets credited to your account make you happy? Does the uncertainty in terms of almost everything in the professional life and the satisfaction associated along with the will to make it work despite anything and everything, makes you happy. Other factors like risk appetite, required skill-set, market, socio-economic state, soft skills, financial needs and obligations, play an important role in shaping our decision. And something that I have always felt and practiced in life, that we need to have flexible approach towards life. It doesn't come saying what is right, wrong is wrong, what works, what doesn't.

What I am trying to say is that when we abandon the certain and opt for something which is just an idea, or even the lack of it, that needs a lot of introspection, research and evaluation.

We all know that every action has its own advantages and disadvantages and may be my experience might help you look get a fresh perspective on this vital life decision.

Advantages of Passion turned profession -

  • We get to work on something that we are absolutely in love with.

  • Which means the additional hours are not quite troublesome.

  • Which means weekend projects are also enjoyable.

  • The satisfaction is sacred. There are peaceful nights.

  • Creative thinking is an integral part, irrespective of the genre or the nature of work.

  • With responsibility and accountability, we learn a large number of skills (including soft-skills) which otherwise would not have been stressed upon.

  • It always challenges us and there's a healthy competition of our work with how it was yesterday.

  • We tend to stretch our horizon with an UNFORCED smile.

  • Money is not limited.

  • The returns will depend on a lot factors, but has huge potential.

Now that was all happy happy and positive words and just when it is about to convince us that it definitely is a great idea, let me also give you a reality check, and see if you we are up for the challenge!

Just kidding.. But yes, as I read it somewhere, we learn by two ways - own experience, or the experience of others. It is indeed a good idea to get a perspective from others and see how that works for you, if at all it does.

The idea of doing something that we are passionate about as a full-time profession, comes with a few ifs and buts and its own challenges

  • During the initial phase (initial phase can be 2 months for someone, 6 months for few, 1 year for some or even 5 years for a good lot), one has to be mentally prepared to be able to take the uncertainties.

  • Discipline! No matter what our fields are, this is a must. And yes, it gets difficult at times.

  • With the freedom of being our own boss also calls for responsibility and accountability, and it takes a while to learn that.

  • Upskilling in a whole lot of soft-skills, technical skills will be a constant part of the schedule.

  • Apart from what we love to do there will be many more action items that we will need to learn and it might be tiring and over-whelming, but remain an integral part of the journey.

  • When passion becomes profession, what do we do about recreational activities? This was one of my major challenges. And looking out for other soothing activities becomes very important. Thankfully books saved me, but it did take a while fill the emptiness.

  • To be creative in work 24 X 7 can be very challenging at time, which means breaks are required. This also means the guilt of not working will pitch in! Did you see that coming?

  • A lot of introspection, retrospection, research, conversation, advice from industry experts might be required and sometimes this might be draining for a lot personality types.

But having said all of this, what I intend to say it that whatever we do in life (given we have the privilege of choice) we should ideally take multiple factors into account, including the philosophical questions like the meaning of happiness for us, and the concept of success for us. It will be different for each one of us, and so will our paths be. We need to see what works best for us, and our interest area, and the compensation associated. The compensation can can be financial or emotional. And this is something which differs for all. We need to pick what works for us, and for that, knowing what is in the box is important.

I hope it was worth your time, and if I was, please let us know in the comment section.

You can also send your queries and comments through email at - poulibybhamini@gmail.com


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