When "Puberty" raises an eyebrow!

Did the subject itself seem like a taboo, and did you have to read it preventing yourself from letting anyone peep into you phone or laptop? 

Well, the “Taboo” associated is one of the major reasons as to why this is so difficult for many.

Puberty is an age where the body enables you to have offspring. As simple as basic physical (along with mental) development of the girl child.

We often observe a sudden change in the behavior of the newly turned adolescent, and that of the ones around her, which itself brings out the notion that something undesired, unsocial has happened and that changes the entire game. 

All of a sudden, this child does not know what’s happening. She is of a mere 10-11 years of age and is asked to dress-up “properly”, to sit with closed legs, not to wear body hugging clothes, not to do anything that “attracts” the attention! Well, this scenario is not unknown to at least us Indians. Is it?

Rather than all of this, if you could have told your daughter or sister that it’s just a change in the body and have had a conversation, rather than telling her that you’ve grown-up all of a sudden, she would have come back to you for sharing all that she ever wanted and needed to. I wonder how it would be, if this education was given to the male children of society, that on the contrary, puberty is the respectful power that a female child has just been gifted! Would this not be a game changer?

Mothers often get confused on what to tell her girl child. And fathers are nevertheless not a party involved. Why? Onset of puberty also attracts a lot of superstitious beliefs, and trust me, it’s as prevalent as ever before. Why? 

If only, this was not a taboo, a hush-hush thing, life would have been so much easier. It could help prevent embarrassment, detachment, mild depression that girls go through, because of the changes within and around. She could learn from an early age, that she needn’t ever be ashamed of her body.

Nothing changes, if we do not believe that we are the ones who can bring this change. If I am writing this and if you are reading this, we are already in the section which is at-least aware of this.

Rest is a choice. 


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